Full synthetic heat transfer oil KTD series

Kroneseder full synthetic heat transfer oil KTD series is formulated with alkylbenzene as base oil and cutting-edge technology additives. It has excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability, low freezing point, fast heating speed during use, excellent atmospheric liquid phase heat transfer performance, long service life, and can provide reliable, long-term, stable and high heat transfer efficiency heat transfer than mineral heat medium.

Product advantages

Long service life, excellent thermal cracking resistance and oxidation resistance, oxidation resistance is 10 times higher than mineral oil;

Excellent low-temperature starting performance and low pour point. Start smoothly in cold winter or low temperature;

With high solubility and self-cleaning, the boiler and system pipes and pipe walls are free from scaling, high thermal efficiency and energy saving;

High heat transfer efficiency, conducive to high temperature heat transfer, and improving equipment energy efficiency;

Good compatibility with mineral oil;

High self-ignition point is conducive to safe production.

Product application

Kroneseder full synthetic heat transfer oil KTD series is applied to various heat transfer systems, heat transfer oil of heat transfer systems in industrial, medical and civil fields, such as chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, petrochemical industry, coating resin, plastic rubber, building materials, paper making, food and other industries, with the working temperature range of - 25 ℃~300 ℃.

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