Kroneseder special oil for construction machinery

Product advantages:

Long service life, extended oil change cycle and reduced cost;

It has excellent power and adopts imported base oil and additives;

Effectively solve the corrosion problem of various precious metal fittings,

Stable viscosity-temperature performance;

Excellent anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-wear properties,

Extend the oil change interval;

Excellent water separation performance, complete separation from water in a short time;

Excellent oxidation stability, wide temperature range,

Effectively prevent the formation of sludge.

Product application:

Special lubricating oil for large construction machinery and equipment such as large excavation, loading, hoisting, bulldozer and road construction. Recommended brands include: Carter, Komatsu, Kobe Steel, Hitachi, Longgong, Sany, Foton Lovol and other heavy excavators, Caspar, Benz, Neoplam, Hongyan, Dongfeng, Jiefang, Oman and other heavy trucks.

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