Warmly congratulate kroneseder lubricating oil on entering the Indian market

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In order to further expand the influence of Coside lubricants in the world's lubricant industry, Coside lubricants entered the Indian market at the end of last year and successfully won the recognition and appreciation of a well-known Indian enterprise.
Coside lubricant, a famous brand from Germany, has unique charm in the lubricant industry. From the LOGO of the king representing the king to the black representing the oil, all of them show that Coside is the king in the lubricating oil industry.
For decades, Coside has been developing high-end and environment-friendly green lubricating oil products, producing synthetic lubricating oil with the latest technology, responding to the challenges from the rapid growth of energy demand, focusing on innovation and sustainable growth, pursuing profits and high standards, improving its influence in the Asia-Pacific market, and becoming the most cost-effective high-end lubricating product supplier in the world.
Now Coside has established a global production, sales and service network, with more than 100 Coside subsidiaries and a wide range of product activities in the field of lubricant services. Coside's sales and service areas in Asia include Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India and other industry-leading countries.
The chief executive of Coside said that India was the main market for the product, which has been promoted in the north and south of India. It also pointed out that India is one of the largest diesel engine markets in the world, which will be a good strategic cooperation opportunity.

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